How and when to wear a plunging V-neck jumper?

A deep V-neck over jeans is a staple in every woman's wardrobe. You can even surprise the world by enhancing it it with a quirky necklace and a colourful scarf. Make it stand out with a tropical print bag, or give it a workday feel with a mesh blazer and hoop earrings. Soften the pastel feel, and mix it up with accessories in a different shade. When it's time to innovate, keep the same basics, but this time dress up with a leather jacket and heels.

How to choose a V-neck jumper

You can either go for a neutral colour for your V-neck jumper and have fun mixing and matching, or make a statement in a warm hue while cooling it down with other items. Throw on white jeans with a light jumper to impress people around you, or try a grey jumper with a black skinny and trainers. If this is all a bit too copmplicated for you, shake it up with a fedora or pair it with a checkered or striped mini skirt and ankle boots. Consider contrasting the textures with a mini skirt or leather trousers, or matching shorts, tights, boots with a jumper in the same colour, or at least the same range. To find the V-neck or silver cardigan sweater of your dreams, we recommend you do your research online.

How to wear a V-neck jumper?

Put on an oversized jumper with bold stripes, or a bat cricket style sweater with a very deep V-neck emphasizing the thick outline details, a la Calvin Klein. Pair a deep V-neck with a check or gingham shirt, or reveal traces of a more or less hidden tee with a similar neckline. One last thing, always go for blocks of colour for a bolder look!

What look to go for?

You can achieve the perfect off a look with a loose jumper, jeggings, ankle boots, a knit cap and a large bag, all in dark grey, with a silver medallion on a chain as a final touch. Whether you go for a chunky finishing touch or classy cashmere, you are now certain to have plenty of outfit ideas for your deep V-neck jumper. 
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