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Is wearing leather still trendy?

Leather is derived from animal skin which is processed to make the finished product suitable for many uses. All kinds of skins can be processed, even beef, goat, caiman, shark and ostrich and some are worth a fortune, particularly those…

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What do the new recycled swimsuits look like?

When it comes to swimwear, there is a wide range of choices, from bikinis to one-piece. There are also various three-piece sets with a swimming costume cover-up. No matter what your physical shape, you will undoubtedly find a bathing suit…

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Instagram-inspired dresses to wear on the beach

Female social media influencers are going for a bohemian style this summer. Apart from shorts and skirts, the beach dress is part of the gypset trend. Natural materials in light colours are recommended. What are this summer’s go to dress…

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3 trendy jumpers to endorse this winter

Jumpers are wool or cotton knits to keep warm. Those that are lightweight and made of fine wool are reserved for chilly evenings and thick wool is preferred for winter days, snowy outings or to rest in front of the…

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The Claudine collar is making a comeback in our wardrobes

In the days when romantic blouses or little babydoll dresses used to rule the fashion industry, the Claudine collar was a bit of a backwater. But in today’s trends, it is back in the women’s wardrobes and promises to add…

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How has French fashion been able to differentiate itself?

All countries have their own style of dressing, especially France. Today, fashion is booming due to the development of technological products whose distribution has been massive of late. It also aims to satisfy the needs of young people, including artists…

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