Instagram-inspired dresses to wear on the beach

Female social media influencers are going for a bohemian style this summer. Apart from shorts and skirts, the beach dress is part of the gypset trend. Natural materials in light colours are recommended.

What are this summer’s go to dress designs?

The long and flowing dress is very fashionable these days. Your wind-blown dress will make you feel like a princess by the sea. Indeed, this design is ideal with a hat and sunglasses and to if you like the bohemian style, go for a short crochet dress with an asymmetrical cut. It is light, elegant and easy to remove over your swimsuit. A long white dress is recommended if you want a super feminine outfit as it gives you a bohemian look, whether it is a halter top or with thin straps. The kimono design is also very trendy this summer for a bourgeois and chic style. As for the cut, a short dress will make you feel free and a wrap dress is ideal for all sizes. Above all, you need to make sure your dress is not too tight to ensure your comfort.

What material should you choose for an “instagrammable” summer dress?

Speaking of material, a beach dress should be light and flared. To ensure your well-being, chose comfortable and natural materials such as crochet, hemp, lace, linen... These can help you deal with the high summer temperatures, being light you will feel less hot. Embroidered, chiffon, lace or crochet beach dresses give you an artistic and chic style at the beach. These dresses are categorised as part of the gypset trend this summer because of their refined materials. To be a gypsy girl on Instagram, wear a pretty creole or a shell bracelet with your hippie chic dress.

The mistakes to avoid when choosing a summer dress

Unlike natural materials, synthetic fabrics increase discumfort at the beach. Very bright or flashy colours are not ideal, that’s why you should go for soft and light colours. Be aware of the look you get from the combination of your swimming costume and your dress. for shoes, avoid heels and wear wedges designed for the beach. You can also wear tie-dye sandals with your bohemian dress.
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