3 trendy jumpers to endorse this winter

Jumpers are wool or cotton knits to keep warm. Those that are lightweight and made of fine wool are reserved for chilly evenings and thick wool is preferred for winter days, snowy outings or to rest in front of the fireplace. Jumpers are matched to our activities and outfits of the day, that's why there are different types of them.

A wide range of designs

There is a suitable sweater for every occasion; large jumpers to keep everyone, young and old, warm and light and thin jumpers that women like to wear as a complement to their outfits. The materials are generally chosen according to the pieces to be produced. Men's jumpers, whose flagship model is the zipped collar, which sometimes attracts the ladies. The large unisex jumpers that delight everyone and are unanimously appreciated for their warmth, made of thick wool. To be in accordance with the clothing style at any time, jumpers come in different designers and collections. In other words, there are trendy jumpers for every season.

A Jumper trend for every season!

The trendy colour combinations for this year are; white and black, and blue and black. Metallic accessories, such as gold or silver buttons, give them the chic look. The sailor style is very popular. White trousers with a sailor jumper will also look great. The cropped style is also very trendy this year. Contrary to popular belief, it does not exhibit any vulgarity, but rather fashion awareness. It can be worn as a small top that stops at the navel, or as a more feminine version in a cardigan or ribbed top that is close to the body. And as a bonus, cropped jumpers with large diamonds to wear with a pleated skirt. Between classic and  really trendy fashionable sweaters, there is something for everyone!

Three examples of trendy jumpers

The black jumper from Morgan is right on trend thanks to its gold buttons and appliqués. It gives you elegance, sophistication and comfort. Sleeveless jumpers with checks are best worn over a solid coloured shirt that matches the trench coat you'll be wearing over it: a BCBG look is guaranteed. For the cropped style, choose a wool top cut in a square above the navel which you can wear over a shirt, preferably a white one, with the sides protruding. This year, jumper designers are daring everything from sailors to cropped, but the classics are unchallenged. There are plenty of designs and styles to choose from, so you'll undoubtedly find a jumper that suits your taste out there!
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