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How to wear cowboy boots without looking tacky?

Cowboy boots are making a comeback in the fashion world and in the lives of many people. Also called santiags, they fit any clothing style and always make a big positive difference in your look. Wearing Cowboy boots without looking…

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Which accessories to choose to have a stylish hair?

Hairstyle is an crucial element in your daily life as it can make you look quite special and even enhance the beauty of your outfit. There is a wide range of hairstyles for both men and women, whether they have…

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The bralette: a real fashion asset

 “Bralette” is derived from the word “bra” which means bra. It looks like a bra, usually comes in triangular shape and is made of lace. It combines comfort and elegance to support your breasts. How to choose your bralette? If…

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The flip-flops: a must-have item for the beach

Flip-flops are popular summer footwear for both men and women for their versatility and lightness. Created many years ago as beach flip-flops, there are now many different styles of flip-flops on the market to suit every moment of the day….

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What shoes to wear this summer?

Overall looks are all about appearance, clothing and style. But they are also about shoes! This year, there is something to satisfy all your fashion desires. With the new summer shoe series, you will finally understand the buzzword: give a…

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