The bralette: a real fashion asset

 “Bralette” is derived from the word "bra" which means bra. It looks like a bra, usually comes in triangular shape and is made of lace. It combines comfort and elegance to support your breasts.

How to choose your bralette?

If you want to try the bralette during the summer, but you don't know which design to choose then here are some tips to follow... If you are wearing it on a sunny day, choose bralettes with a light tone like pink, beige or ivory. This will bring out the natural side of your beauty. If you want to bring out the beauty, sexiness and shape of your breasts, try wearing flashy colours. However, if you are more discreet and don't want to let your white top show the bralette bra, you can choose a nude colour. Indeed, this colour will match your skin colour, which will camouflage the shapes.

How to wear the bralette?

The wide cut of the bralette gives it two functions; it acts as a lingerie piece that supports your breasts but also as a fashion piece that brings out your breasts’ shape. It is an easy piece to wear, as it blends with many outfits. You can wear it under an oversized shirt with denim pants for a trendy look. Some more daring people even wear it as a crop-top inside a loose shirt or an oversized outfit. Its crop top look also goes well with high-waisted bottoms or a midi skirt. The bralette is a good ally of oversized outfits, which makes it really trendy these days.

The bralette: for whom?

Since the bralette offers comfort and support for your breasts, it can also be worn like a sports bra, especially in the summer season. It is also an interesting piece of lingerie for those who want to show off their shapes and look sexy. It should be noted that the bralette can be worn by most women as they are soldin all sizes. So whether you have a small or large bust, wearing a bralette is the way to go!
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