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How and when to wear a plunging V-neck jumper?

A deep V-neck over jeans is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. You can even surprise the world by enhancing it it with a quirky necklace and a colourful scarf. Make it stand out with a tropical print bag, or…

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Fashion trends: why do bloggers always wear leather?

Wearing leather has become fashionable for both women and men. Celebrities, bloggers, and even people who go to work wear leather clothes such as trousers and jackets. However, buying a leather item is a big thing as the price of…

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How to wear a floral dresses with style?

To have an ever stylish clothing item, floral weaves are the perfect fabrics. Over the years, they have been adapted to the sizes of the printed flower, but the wearer should never overdo it. A floral dress is the perfect…

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3 ways to wear a trench coat with elegance and style

For most women, the trench coat has always been one of the wardrobe basics. It was first designed to protect against the cold but, nowadays, its design is becoming more and more diversified to create multiple styles and looks. If…

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How to adopt the total denim look without any mistakes?

When it comes to fashion, the main aim is to be more and more daring: surprising mixes, strong pieces, atypical styles… In this respect, the total denim look is a timeless look that can be adapted in many ways. The…

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Why are the elephant-bottom trousers making a comeback among our teenagers?

Fashion trends are constantly changing which means that old-fashioned pieces often come back to the forefront of the fashion scene. For example, the iconic elephant-bottom trousers of the 1970s are making a comeback, especially among teenagers! Revisiting of the iconic…

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