How to wear a floral dresses with style?

To have an ever stylish clothing item, floral weaves are the perfect fabrics. Over the years, they have been adapted to the sizes of the printed flower, but the wearer should never overdo it. A floral dress is the perfect garment for any occasion, from casual to elegant and sophisticated looks, pairing it with the right accessories always results in a perfect appearance!

For a casual event

A colourful and feminine floral dress can be impressive. Thanks to floral patterns, you can end up with a simple and comfortable daytime outfit. Simply pair the dress with flat footwear, such as pair of tennis shoes. And to complete the casual look, you can choose a shoulder bag in denim or faux leather.

The Grunge look

Inspired by rock bands and 90s, this look is rebellious but without losing that feminine touch. Combine the floral dress with a pair of lace-up ankle boots (preferably with small studs) and dark, opaque tights and there you go! A denim jacket or a black waistcoat with a vintage style can complete the look when also combined with a big, roomy, studded black bag.

For classy occasions

A floral dress can be a good ally of yours for a party with friends, a special ceremony or a classy aperitif. It will be nice to match the dress with a pair of colourful shoes (perhaps reminiscent of the colour of the flowers, so as not to look like a parrot) with a high heel, making the dress even more elegant with a sleek and stylish blazer. Don't forget to match the dress with a pretty but subtle piece of jewellery, with chic design. If the flowers are in a warm tone, choose rose or yellow gold jewellery; on the contrary, if the flowers are in a cold tone, choose silver and white gold. No flashy stones or beads. Making the right combinations is not always easy, especially if you have to match a floral dress. Thankfully, floral patterns can be used in a variety of clothes, from printed jeans to skirts, from dresses to knitwear, from underwear to swimwear, from bags to scarves, etc. Although this texture has experienced some dry spells, it remains a staple in the clothing industry. There is a wide range of flowers, from the most intense to the most delicate. Choosing one type of flower over another is therefore a matter of personal taste.
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