3 ways to wear a trench coat with elegance and style

For most women, the trench coat has always been one of the wardrobe basics. It was first designed to protect against the cold but, nowadays, its design is becoming more and more diversified to create multiple styles and looks. If you haven't tried wearing a trench coat in a non-traditional way, here are 3 ways to do it...

Combine the trench coat with jeans and a shirt

Wearing a trench coat with jeans is the easiest way to look stylish. We are talking about the high-waisted bottom here. Obviously, you will have to choose the colour according to that of your bag and shoes. Wearing a shirt will enhance the whole look. Many women use this combination to go to the office, meetings, university classes, etc. If you want to stand out from the mass even more, it's best to go with shoes that have a shinier look. This way of wearing the trench coat is more interesting for A and O shapes.

Wear a dress under the trench coat

If you want to look even more feminine, putting on a dress under the trench coat is the way to go as it’s a casual but sexy way to go about. It's also a way to add a retro yet modern look to your appearance. With a pair of ankle boots or heels, you are certain to be a hit. This solution is suitable for both everyday wear and special events or ceremonies. You should also pick the cut of your trench coat according to the shape of your silhouette. A dress is best suited if you have an H or X shape with shoulders and hips of equal width.

Wear a turtleneck and a skirt

The mid-season and the cold season are ideal to wear a trench coat with a turtleneck and a skirt. A pair of ankle boots will do for the bottom. A pair of boots or ankle boots are a good bet and a pair of tights will even out the look. Whether you're a young girl or a grown woman, this is always a way to enhance your femininity. You can also accessorise in a way that brings your style to the fore. This is the case for wearing a belt that differentiates the top from the bottom. The combination of a turtleneck, a skirt and a trench coat can be adopted by all silhouettes. However, it offers a better style especially to those with a V or A shape.
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