How to adopt the total denim look without any mistakes?

When it comes to fashion, the main aim is to be more and more daring: surprising mixes, strong pieces, atypical styles... In this respect, the total denim look is a timeless look that can be adapted in many ways. The time when this look was seen as a fashion faux-pas is now officiallyover! Stars and influencers are now competing with each other to have the best total denim look...

What are the essential pieces for a denim total look?

Denim, unlike jeans, is a very soft material with a flexible fabric. Apart from that, clothes made of denim are aesthetically similar to jeans. To brighten up a total denim look, certain pieces are essential. For example, a jacket in denim blue, light or faded. Likewise, a denim shirt is a must-have piece when wearing denim trousers. But to avoid any false notes, you can go for a total denim look consisting only of one piece. Why not a blue denim dress, a jumpsuit or simple overalls?

What are the rules to follow for a successful denim look?

For the denim total look to work, certain rules must be respected. The first of these concerns the colours. The ideal is to opt for monochrome colours, but it is possible to adopt contrasting colours, provided that the tones are not too close together. As for volume, if you wear a voluminous piece such as an over-size shirt or flare jeans, the other piece must be of the Slim size. To brighten up your total denim look, don't skimp on accessories: jewellery, bags and hats should make the look feminine. As for shoes, all pairs are allowed but the best is to prefer the most sober ones. The cowboy style is so tacky that it must be banned in a total denim look.

A few ideas for a total denim look that works

The total denim look can be worn in a thousand ways, but it is more attractive when it is distinctive and unique. For instance, a denim jacket can be combined with a pair of boy-friend jeans, and for a touch of pizzazz, you can choose sandals with leopard heels. Similarly, a denim shirt can be matched with denim shorts, all of which can be enhanced by beautiful pair of Tropezian sandals. The total denim look can also be turned into a bohemian style, with an over-size denim jacket, a skinny waistband, a colourful tee-shirt and fringed boots or UGGs. In short, the total denim look can be adapted to all styles, seasons and occasions!
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