Why are the elephant-bottom trousers making a comeback among our teenagers?

Fashion trends are constantly changing which means that old-fashioned pieces often come back to the forefront of the fashion scene. For example, the iconic elephant-bottom trousers of the 1970s are making a comeback, especially among teenagers!

Revisiting of the iconic elephant-bottom trousers

Trousers are timeless pieces of whom you can never get rid and whom you can only leave in a corner of your wardrobe until they come back into the scene again. In the 1970s and 80s, bell-bottoms were a fashion sensation. Both men and women wore them at the time. Even big stars such as Elvis Presley opted to wear these trousers with a wide knee-length cut. At the end of the 2010s, more precisely around 2019, bell-bottom pants made a comeback, but only among women, especially young women and teenagers. It is still rare to see it among men. But if in the past it was not exclusively in jeans, a revisit is visible. Most of them are in jeans among young people.

The origin of the great return of the famous elephant-bottom trousers

The great comeback of the wide-leg trousers was mainly triggered by the influencers. Indeed, stylish and comfortable, the wide-leg trousers, once back in shops, have been spotted by the influencers. Nabilla has been the personality who really launched this fashion. As she is a personality very followed by many teenagers, the wearing of these trousers was very quickly adopted. Furthermore, these trousers are suitable for many, if not all, body types. Whether it is for the round or the slimmer, this cut of trousers wonderfully highlights the wearer’s silhouette. However, today's revisit has meant that they are not as flared as they were in the past.

The designs offered by the bell-bottom trousers

In the past, elephant-bottom trousers were considerably flared from the knee, but the flare jeans are now the new revisited design. Indeed, wide-legged trousers are at the forefront of current trends. But trendy doesn't mean combinable with everything. This style can make a tall person look slimmer. To give the leg a longer effect, whether the woman is short or tall, it is best to wear high heels with them. While wearing wide-based pants, it is best to add a classic top to the mix and mark the hip. Last but not least, these trousers are best worn high-waisted and paired with a shirt.
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