The flip-flops: a must-have item for the beach

Flip-flops are popular summer footwear for both men and women for their versatility and lightness. Created many years ago as beach flip-flops, there are now many different styles of flip-flops on the market to suit every moment of the day.

How to choose the right flip-flops?

If you're going to buy a pair of flip-flops, it's only fair that you choose them based on how you're going to use them. Your choice depends on when you are going to use them and on what surface. If your aim is to buy casual flip-flops for home use, you should choose rubber ones with a sole that is at least 3 centimetres high. It is wise to choose a medium to high quality product, especially if you lead a very active life at home. If you need flip-flops to use on the beach, in the pool or perhaps for showering at the gym, it's best to go for a more traditional flip-flop model; the rubber pairs with a low sole. In this case, it is assumed that you will wear the flip-flops for short periods of time, so there is no need for special supports for your feet and back. However, it is necessary for the shoe to dry quickly. It is therefore advisable to choose a mid to low range pair, so that you spend little but get the right product.

For those who would wear them all the time

If you want to buy a pair of sandals to be worn in all situations throughout the day, it is advisable to go for high or medium quality products. If you are going to be wearing flip-flops for many hours and perhaps walking a lot from work to a drinks party with friends, it is normal for your feet to be comfortable and supported. It is therefore advisable to opt for flip-flops with soles that are at least 3 centimetres high as they are usually made of quality materials that ensure breathability, prevent sweat, and protect your feet from any irritation due to friction. If you intend to walk a lot in flip-flops, it is always advisable to choose those with an extra mid-foot strap or ankle strap.

How to wear flip-flops

For a summer night out at the restaurant, a drink with friends on the beach or a day of shopping during the sales period, flip-flops can be the go-tofootwear. Comfort, casualness and coolness are just some of the feats of these shoes. But how can they be combined with any outfit? For women, flip-flops can be matched with any outfit, precisely because you can find endless designs on the market right now; from the simplest to the most sophisticated. For men, it' choosing flip-flops in a neutral colour and wearing matching trousers is the way to go!
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