The Claudine collar is making a comeback in our wardrobes

In the days when romantic blouses or little babydoll dresses used to rule the fashion industry, the Claudine collar was a bit of a backwater. But in today's trends, it is back in the women's wardrobes and promises to add a very stylish design to it.

The Claudine collar is back on the catwalk

Since the Claudine collar first appeared in the 1900s, it has been able to renew itself. At first it was associated with children's fashion, then over time it took on a whole new dimension on women's clothing. At the moment, designers are integrating it into their collections (dresses, shirts, jumpsuits, etc.) and putting aside the classic, minimalist and rounded version to dominate the oversized version. It is important to put a little fashion detail on this collar, which makes the difference for a chic look. Now, don't hesitate to spoil your wardrobe with a key piece with a Claudine collar. Lightweight shirts or delicate blouses are sure to please fashionistas. Also seen on the scene of many fashion houses and famous brands, the Claudine collar is worn this season in a low-cut or XL version.

Wearing the Claudine collar without looking outdated

To make the most of the collar's return to the fashion world, go for designs that come with lace and embroidery with XXL and extravagant volumes. These versions allow you to avoid being more classic even if you choose a Claudine collar for your look. A vintage blouse worn with a loose wool jumper is for example very original. Avoid combining this type of collar with an outfit that is too conservative, which would not highlight its potential fashion value. For a nice spring outfit, you can also wear an XL Claudine collar shirt with a dress, skirt or dungarees. The Claudine collar blouse looks great with a fitted jacket or blazer, closed or open, for a more casual look.

Buying Claudine collar outfits

The must-have item in the Claudine collar wardrobe is obviously the shirt! Several brands now offer ready-to-wear products to make fashion enthusiasts happy. You will be able to find a wide selection of Claudine collar items with various finishes, sizes and styles. Several French brands make trendy pieces and tailor-made shirts with quality fabrics as well as different colours and patterns. All you have to do is find a blouse for your new winter or summer collection.
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