How to recycle clothes you no longer wear?

Do you need to clear out your wardrobe? If it's that time of the year again and if, as always, you find yourself with clothes that are outdated or that you no longer like, read these tips on how to recycle old clothes.

Recycling used clothes: ideas and useful tips

It's that time of year again, and as usual, there are plenty of clothes that you're tired of seeing, that are out of fashion, that may not fit anymore and that you should take out of your wardrobe at all costs. But what if, instead of throwing them away, you creatively recycled them? Or why don’t you sell or trade them with other people who, like you, need to clean out and update their wardrobe? There's no shortage of ideas for cleverly recycling used clothes, and the web is the main place to reinvent or make money from clothes you no longer love. So how and where can you recycle your used clothes?

Creative recycling of used clothes

If you don't want to clear out your wardrobe, but rather give new life to the clothes you no longer wear and only move from boxes to crutches with each change of season, it's time to give your creative sense the green light. Indeed, if you have coulourful T-shirts with different patterns, short or long sleeves, that you will never wear again, you can cut them horizontally and use the strips of fabric to create bags, woven necklaces, patches to renew your plain, old-fashioned jeans or multi-coloured patchwork blankets. Moreover you can make lovely cushion covers with old shirts. Not only that, but with bulky and very soft scarves you can create maxi bags or backpacks for college, and with oversized, tattered and faded sweatshirts you can line your dog or cat's kennel and make it warmer and more comfortable. Just look online and you'll find plenty of tutorials with creative ideas for useful recycling.

How to recycle old clothes?

It's true that fashion changes quickly and it's not always easy to keep up with its pace. If after spending a lot of money on that jacket you liked so much, you realised a year later that it is no longer fashionable, and before you lose hope, browse the online platforms of fashion bloggers, who by the way are true masters in the field, and find some interesting ideas to give your old clothes a new look and a new life. Jeans, for example, should never be thrown away, because with denim there are a thousand and one things you can do, and with a little patience any cut of jeans will sooner or later come back into fashion. If you have piles of jeans that you no longer wear, you can always cut them up and make shorts out of them, create voluminous skirts or bags with the patchwork technique, and even upholster that anonymous armchair that you've kept in the corner of your room for years. You can also paint them with the stencil technique or, even better, cover them with patches in the manner of old-fashioned tattoos (swallows, skulls, roses, etc.).
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