How to care for your underwear without damaging it?

Your underwear deserves more attention than the rest of your clothes. Not only are its materials delicate, but poor care can be harmful to your health. The durability of your underwear is also at stake. The care of your underwear must therefore be done properly. You can do this in the following way.

Use a suitable washing technique

You can choose between hand and machine washing. In either case, it is important to do the washing properly. For the first option, a successful washing depends on your know-how and experience. For the second, you will need to properly set up your washing machine. Generally speaking, the characteristics of your underwear’s fabric are indicated on its label. This is the case for the washing temperature and the appropriate products. To avoid unpleasant surprises, remember to separate your underwear according to their types, colours and materials. The risk of discolouration and deformation is high if you mix them in the washing machine.

Choose a suitable drying solution

It may be tempting to put your knickers, boxers or bras straight into the dryer. Although it is a quick solution that can be safe, you should make sure you check the settings for this type of drying according to the characteristics of each underwear item and wherever possible, to dry the lot in the air and the shade. There are many issues at stake if we only mention the preservation of shape, elasticity, softness or colour. It is also preferable not to use clothes pegs to avoid them leaving marks on your underwear.

Pay attention to how you store your underwear

Taking care of your underwear is not just about removing dirt, stains and/or bad smells, to ensure that your underwear can be used for as long as possible, the way you store it is also important. For each type of underwear, it is best to have a dedicated compartment. For instance, mixing bras and knickers will only distort them. The same applies to the separation of materials, some can be stored together, others not. This is the case with lace, satin, silk or even tulle and viscose. The storage space should be closed. For more delicate fabrics, spreading tissue paper at the bottom will help preserve the quality of your underwear.
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