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Fashion comes and goes and trends change with the seasons. The online shopping system is more or less reaching its peak, with the explosion of e-shops that allow you to make your purchases without going anywhere.

Brands compete with each other in terms of creativity, and the most prominent ones, such as IRO Fashion, do not lack imagination to validate a clothing look in the minds of all potential consumers of all kinds.

Coats and jackets

Women's fashion essentials for all occasions

Jeans and trousers

The timeless style suitable for everyone and for all seasons

Skirts and dresses

Timeless, these pieces represent the specific woman's outfit

Shirts and tops

Practical fashion items, from white t-shirts to off-shoulder tops

Back to the office: looks that are both professional and stylish

Fashion trends are taking over the office these days. More than ever before, workwear designers are coming up with pieces that are both job-specific and versatile for all styles

Fashion styles

Is your style classic?

This is the look of clothing that has lasted through the years, suitable for all generations.

What does sportswear look like?

Gone are the dresses and long skirts, replaced by combi-shorts for more physical activities

Do you like casual more?

This fashion trend is more of a dedicated style for a specific occasion

Fashion comes
such as IRO Fashion

Fashion accessories

Nowadays, clothes definitely make the man. To stand out from the crowd, all you need to do is add the accessories that will transform the stereotypical image. A good choice of jewelry, glasses or belts can enhance an outfit without too much difficulty. A good selection of underwear is now as important as beauty products.


These accessories allow you to complete or enhance your style, from mini bucket bags to XXL tote bags.


Sunglasses or correctors, choose the model adapted to each situation, each season or each activity.


Originally used for the cooler season, these pieces of fabric are now making their way into the all-season wardrobe.


Useful and pleasant depending on the model and the occasion to wear them, adopt the one that personalizes your style.


These elements have long since left their practical purpose. They now play the role of highlighting your style.


These timeless accessories allow you to keep up with the latest fashion, depending on the model to be worn and the occasion.

Fashion Coaching


A new profession in full bloom, fashion coaching is based above all on art and on the way to make a person look good as a whole. Its main role consists in helping us to wear the clothing style that suit our morphology and personality. It helps us to decide on the look we need to adopt.


Too much effect kills the effect. It is important to know how to measure the number of accessories to wear, but also to choose the right accessories according to the context. Fashion coaching teaches you to recognize the ideal accessories for a special occasion. A gala evening does not require the same pieces as an improvised family outing.


Cosmetic products have evolved today. They allow you to take care of your skin and particularly of your beauty. It is up to you to wear make-up in a discreet way, or on the contrary, to show extravagance and do it in an explicit way. Coaching allows you to know the limits.

Haute Couture fashion shows

Fashion Week

This occasion is awaited by all fashion enthusiasts and other stakeholders in the fashion and clothing industry. This kind of event which is usually held in Paris allows you to discover all the novelties in terms of clothing look. It also helps you to find out about all sorts of innovations in fashion and beauty.